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Trade away Brandon Marshall??
Posted: 09 November 2012 07:36 PM   [ Ignore ]
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PPR League

My Team:
Ryan, Romo
CJ1K, DMC, R.Jennings, Law Firm, Reece, T. Jones
Green, Marshall, Welker, Bryant

Is Marshall and Lawfirm giving up to much for Charles and Nicks?  Marshalls remaining schedule is tough but he’s the only wr in chicago - Lawfirm evens out the trade. With DMC out and CJ on a bye next week and his next 4-5 games- Charles appears to have a lighter schedule..and should see the ball more than his recent history and nicks is almost back to 100%.

I do have an 8-1 record leading the league and am looking to prep for playoffs starting week 13, too.

Thanks for any insight!!

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thats a terrible trade…keep marshall, I traded him in a ppr league and wish i didn’t every week


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