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16 team Ebay style auction league for experienced football enthusiasts
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Hello to everyone,

Some of you may remember me from rotohog a their 1st and 2nd year. Same user name in the forums grin

My brother has participated for the last few years in this style of draft and I found it to be a really a great format for a draft.

We currently have 8 interested parties so we are half way there to putting a league together.
The following is the basic format and I will email a pdf to anyone that would like of the full layout of the draft and rules.

$50 cost per team. (This is my thought for the cost per team. I"m open)
Draft on
League to use to collect and hold league fees and dispurse prizes at the conclusion of the season.
Cost of the site will be deducted from total league fees and the rest is 100% paid out to the top 4 teams
1st 50%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%
4th 10%
6 teams make the playoffs
Trading during the season is allowed.
Free Agent blind bid waiver system $100 ficticious budget per team during the season.
*Funds to be held in one of the online fantasy sports vault type sites for everyones convenience
Ebay style auction w/ proxy bidding.
$200 auction budget
Draft 16 total roster spots
7 total Starters each week
1 Kicker
1 Defense
This is a very fun and tactical draft and helps to have serious competitive owners
*Each player is on the clock until a full 24 hrs has passed after the last bid.
* you do not need to be on your computer all day. Just check in now and then.
* each team can nominate and bid on as many players as they have money and roster spots for.
* Would like to begin this draft around August 14th if possible.
This type of draft usually concludes after 6-8 days depending on how quickly players come off the board.
contact me at:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  with interest and questions or post here.

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Glad to see the Pennman brothers are still holding strong in fantasy football… this Auction style format is similar to what I play in an expert league and a lot of fun.  The 24-hour no bid window is a great way to give everyone a fair chance and doesn’t reward those that have easy access to a computer… The only downfall is when you have one minute left on a player to win the auction and someone ups the bid!... then you have to rebid (if you still want him at that price) and wait another 24 hours to snag him…

Hopefully you were able to find a few additional owners through this post and you can get your draft started on August 14, 2010 like you had hoped…


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