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4 backs. Forte, K. Smith, LJ, and Fred Jackson. Based on matchups I am having trouble deciding.
What????! You can’t sit Forte. Do what you want with the rest! 1
Starting LJ and Fred over Forte and Smith is the dumbest thing I have ever heard 0
You are dead on, despite LJ and Jackson being less than impressiv, based on the matchup I think you should go with them 0
Tough decision, could go either way 2
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Whats up Bruno Boys?  I have been hearing about how great this site is from a friend of mine that I have played leagues with for years, so I had to sign up this year as I am playing in three leagues and just need that extra edge that you don’t get from RotoWorld.

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Thanks for joining the Bruno Boys Nation and I am glad your friend has been raving about our website. We hope you enjoy our content throughout the year and continue to post on the Forums.

As for your Week 1 running back situation I would suggest you role with Matt Forte.  Tough defense or not, at least you know Forte will get 15-20 touches while Larry Johnson could see 20+ touches or could see 10 touches. You just never know in KC.

If I owned your team I would start Fred Jackson as my RB1 as I expect 100 total yards and a score from him this week and I would stick with my guns and use Forte as my RB2.

You have four solid RB options and it should be a fun problem to have throughout the season.


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