It’s time to put the right players forward and keep the ball rolling. Seasoned fantasy players know about the studs and chalky plays so at Bruno Boys we try to help wade through the matchups on those tougher decisions, or point out when there’s a great matchup that you should go all-in on. That said, the early part of the season can be a tough one since the preseason shows so little to go on. Still, we feel very strong about these recommendations and you should use them to help guide you to your starting lineup.

Here are your Week 2 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Sit.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Game 1 under Matt Flynn left plenty to be desired, namely from Rodgers and Davante Adams. The run game looked rough and other parts of this passing offense needs… well, work. Just a lot of work. They’ll get it figured out eventually, but not against the Vikings, who are healthy and bring back a very capable, stacked defense.

Matt Ryan eventually got on the board with 304 yards and two touchdowns, but a lot of that came in garbage time. Somehow, I don’t think the Vikings are that kind to Rodgers if they gain a lead that large on Green Bay.