N’Keal Harry, New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs

After the explosion of offense in Seattle, many fantasy owens rushed to add Harry thinking it would be a trend to jump on. Unfortunately, Harry turned back into a pumpkin in Week 4 catching just two catches for 34 scoreless yards. It’s his second game of the season that went that way. It might have been just the great matchup against the worst secondary in football, than it has to do with Harry fighting his way up the target tree. James White is returning to the lineup too which could cut down on Cam Newton’s looks towards Harry’s way.

Then you throw in the fact that the Chiefs have allowed just 319 yards on the season, which is just a staggering number after three weeks when you consider most teams have allowed 400 and above. Also, just 30 receptions for three games, so if you take the average 10.0 receptions they’re allowing and take Julian Edelman and James White’s cut of 10, what do you have left for Harry? Not much if at all.