Late Round Best Ball Wide Receivers

Since we’re looking at the back half of your best ball draft, all of the fantasy WR1s are taken and most of the potential WR2s are too. That is, unless you look hard enough. There will be receivers who are high up on the food chain that just don’t get the respect because they’re on a bad team, have a hard name to announce, or are coming back from injury.

Remember you want receivers that could score enough points to be one of your top three receivers, even in the later rounds. This is where to score a swiss-army knife type who can line up at multiple spots and all three receiver positions. Maybe they return kicks or are high possession types who can slowly build their point total up. Either way, make note of these as you’re filling out your bench in later rounds.

D.J. Moore / Robby Anderson / Terrace Marshall Jr., Carolina Panthers
The disrespect that Panthers receivers are getting is real. Moore is typically the first one taken off the boards at around 60, which is at the tail end of the fifth round. Anderson is over two full rounds later at 85, as the WR36. We’re talking about a receiver who just signed a two-year $29.5M extension, viewed as a WR3/WR4. Folks just don’t have much faith in Sam Darnold it seems. But the Panthers receivers have the second-easiest schedule in the NFL.

And don’t forget about rookie Terrace Marshall Jr. out of LSU. It will take time for him to get touches with talented playmakers up the foodchain, but he comes highly touted as a big piece moving forward. He just doesn’t have a floor to stand out for redraft leagues, but he makes a great bench player in best ball.

Marquez Callaway / Michael Thomas / Tre’Quan Smith, New Orleans Saints
The cat that is Marquez Callaway is out of the bag and is soaring up draft boards after scoring two touchdowns in the Saints’ second preseason game. He has emerged as the best receiver in training camp with Michael Thomas out until at least October. Because of that, Tre’Quan Smith is also being looked at as an interim No. 2 receiver on the team, given his past experience. Callaway is the one to target first, reasonably priced in the sixth round or later. But Smith has fallen two rounds later in the eighth round. Let’s not forget about Thomas either, who is still being viewed as the WR27 in many drafts, but savvy fantasy owners will try to snag him for their WR4 or WR5 spot if other owners are sleeping.

Rondale Moore, Arizona Cardinals
Everyone knows about DeAndre Hopkins and the Cards’ have decided to kick the tires on A.J. Green. But rookie receiver Rondale Moore has been getting first team reps and is being moved all around the offense. The Cardinals have big plans for him, we might not see what they are until later. If taking a late round flier on a rookie is your style, Moore should be on your short wish list as you assemble your team.

Nelson Agholor / Jakobi Meyers
Both of these receivers are unpopular around the fantasy circles but when you boil down who the Patriots are going to throw the ball to, Agholor and Meyers have to be the top options. When Cam Newton was in his prime at Carolina, he had at least one receiver to stretch the field (Agholor) while another (Meyers) will stay closer to with the underneath routes and the middle of the field. Of the two, I prefer Ahgolor because he can score from a deep pass since Newton looks to his tight ends or keeps it in the red zone.

Laviska Shenault Jr., Jacksonville Jaguars
Trevor Lawrence is a rookie quarterback and the offense is being run by new personnel, so I am not ready to anoint D.J. Clark as the top target in this offense. He should be, but you just never know how a different quarterback can feel comfortable with other receivers. Shenault is a talent though is flying under the radar because he’s stuck out in Jacksonville in a rebuild. But there’s no tight end threat, no Travis Etienne, and he came on strong as a red zone target at the end of his rookie season. Your best ball draft will likely sleep on Shenault, but it’s doubtful that Urban Meyer is overlooking what he has with him.