Cam Newton, New England Patriots

The savvy veteran returned to the Patriots in the offseason, knowing he had the worst season of his career. He latched onto the Patriots late into the 2020 preseason, which meant cramming to learn a difficult offense, and overcame injuries and a depleted group of offensive weapons around him. So why is he a sleeper?

Newton’s current ADP is that he’s trending as the QB27 and in the 15th round. At times he looked awful. He broke 200 yards three times in all of 2020. If there were a better QB behind him, he would have gotten the hook. The Patriots obviously understood what they were bringing back with Newton and also knew what drafting Mac Jones could potentially bring in the future. So why add Newton to your roster?

He is still the rushing threat to score in the red zone, perhaps more than anyone amongst the group of Patriots running backs. No matter how difficult the Patriots’ offense is to learn and run, Newton finally has a full offseason to learn and run it with new weapons (Nelson Agholor) to throw to, (including two top notch tight ends). Whether you love him or hate him, Newton produces points and given the improvements the Patriots have installed, he is primed for a bounce back season.