Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns

The Browns are a run-first team, which is why Mayfield is low on the radar. Like Kirk Cousins, he blows up in favorable matches and in tougher matchups, does what’s necessary to win. This is his second full season under Kevin Stefanski’s system and it’s clear the 2020 NFL Coach of the Year knows how to tap his quarterback’s potential in a play action-based offense. Last year Mayfield threw 26 touchdowns, but all fantasy worthy signal callers need to be able to throw 30+ (maybe 35+ with a 17 games) and the question is whether or not Mayfield pass that threshold?

In 2020, Mayfield had nine games with multiple touchdowns and his numbers hinge on how good a day they’re running the ball. But it’s not like this team will have trouble scoring. This offense is stacked with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt in the backfield, Austin Hooper, Jarvis Landry, and yes, hopefully Odell Beckham Jr. at full strength. There’s Rashard Higgins and Donovan Peoples-Jones too who is having a great camp so far.

The offensive line is one of the best in the league and so there’s no reason why Mayfield shouldn’t have fantasy numbers. An improved defense could get the quarterback more possessions and that translates to even scoring drives. Is Stefanski the type to pour on the points? We’ll see.

At the very least, in a two-quarterback league, Mayfield delivers consistency at QB2. His consistent floor is something to be valued highly, but he also has the potential to enter the QB1 conversation.