Indianapolis Colts Team Defense at Buffalo Bills

Coming off one of their best defensive efforts, the Colts face the Bills who are capable of exploiting Indy’s lack of secondary. The Bills have playmakers at every position with the exception of running back, which is Indy’s strength. It’s a shame because the Colts have finished in the top 10 team defenses five times. Unfortunately, even good defenses need to be benched too.

Quick Hits

Washington Football Team Defense at Carolina Panthers
It will be interesting to see how the Panthers offense changes under this latest stint with Cam Newton. Will Christian McCaffery keep getting in the ball in the red zone? Who will Newton target in the offense? The Football Team will miss Chase Young in facing a big, physical QB like Newton, as their secondary is already in dire straits.

Minnesota Vikings Team Defense vs. Green Bay Packers
The Vikings defense has played well enough to finish in the top dozen defenses in the league five times. The only time an opposing defense has managed to score double-digits on the Packers is that anomaly in Week 1 and the Chiefs when Aaron Rodgers was out with Covid-19.

On Bye: Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Rams