Who to start and who to sit? That’s the question that plagues everyone who plays fantasy football on a weekly basis? It’s the question that leaves players anguishing in tears and second-guessing. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic but there’s some truth to it.

Honestly, it’s the one question you need to answer right in order to do well in this crazy game of fantasy. Will you get it right all the time? No, because football will surprise, especially if you buy into the adage: On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team. But relax, we’re here to help you work through those decisions with as much information as you need to be confident in a decision you can stand by.

Here are the Week 3 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Sit.

At Bruno Boys our quarterback starts look at the line that separates QB1s and QB2s week to week, we consider the super flex and two-quarterback leagues out there that need to know if it’s safe to trot out Jameis Winston for a week or bring out rookie Zach Wilson.

Taylor Heinicke, Washington Football Team at Buffalo Bills

Everyone likes a feel good story and knowing Heinicke’s journey to become the Football Team’s starting quarterback is inspiring. Just don’t let that cloud your judgement on whether or not you pull him onto your team and give him a spot start against the Bills. Maybe do that next week when he faces the Falcons.

The Bills are just one one of three teams who is allowing an average of less than 200 yards passing and has not allowed more than one touchdown pass through Week 2. Philadelphia and San Diego are the other two.