Jalen Hurts will rush OVER 48.5 yards (-110 BetMGM) against the Giants.

Start Time: Sunday, December 11, MetLife Stadium 4:25pm ET
Broadcast:  Fox Sports  / NFL+

One of the things I like about the Eagles is that they don’t try to outthink themselves into a game plan. If an opponent’s secondary is weak, they attack it through the air. If their front seven can’t slow a run game, attack it up the gut with three running backs and a quarterback who loves to run.

Look at the teams that Hurts has rushed over 50 yards against: Detroit, Minnesota, Arizona, Indianapolis, and Green Bay. All considered to be average to below average run defenses. As for games that he hasn’t rushed for at least 50 yards? Those games were against the Commanders, Cowboys, Jaguars, Steelers, Texans, and Titans. Most of those teams are not teams you’d expect to run a lot on and be successful.

So where do the Giants fall? 13 running backs have gone over double-digit points. Eight backs have gone over 80 yards rushing. I look at Hurts in matchups like these, the Eagles’ RB1B to Miles Sanders RB1A. Both of these players went off against the Packers and they’ll look to repeat that here. By the way, Justin Fields and Lamar Jackson, the other premier running QBs, both went over 50 yards rushing on the Giants this year.