NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – Dak Prescott will undergo surgery to repair a fractured thumb suffered Sunday night. He is expected to miss several weeks and force the Cowboys to turn to Cooper Rush or start looking at other options. This sends the season spiraling downward if you look at who they play over the next two months. A team-wide downgrade for all the Cowboys skill players and the defense, which will sit out on the field for long stretches.

New York Giants – Saquon Barkley flashed the type of play that we’ve only heard stories of the past few years thanks to injuries. We even had a Sterling Shepard sighting.

Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles’ three-headed running back committee, (technically four counting Jalen Hurts) was too much for the Lions to slow down. A.J. Brown looks like a beast in this offense, but how did the defense allow the Lions to score 33 points?

Washington Commanders – People love to bag on Carson Wentz, but call me crazy, I want to see him succeed. He put up four touchdowns to two picks. I’m sorry, but had Joe Burrow put in that box score, he’d be praised. (In fact, Burrow contributed to five turnovers yesterday and was barely criticized.) Wentz brought his team back to take the lead late and beat a much-improved Jaguars team. On defense Darrick Forrest made some impact plays, something they need more of. Just imagine what this team could look like if Chase Young was healthy.