2. Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Seattle Seahawks (Germany)

Even though he’s not been getting the numbers we’d like to see from Mike Evans, he is getting targeted an awful lot. So in this matchup, we’re going to look at Godwin specifically. The Seahawks allow next to nothing through the air and are doing so with rookies and other young no-name-yet players.

Godwin has done fine as a PPR receiver, but he’s just a shell of what he was before his ACL tear. Perhaps next year he’ll be 100 percent back. He caught 42-of-65 passes in seven games but yards per reception is way down at 9.6 yards, which is way below his 13.1 average. His 57.7 yards per game is a four-year low for him as is hi complete lack of touchdowns. It’s not been a particularly great season to own Godwin and it’s another bench recommendation from me.