3. Taylor Heinicke, QB, Washington Commanders at Houston Texans

There may be some fantasy owners out there looking at Heinicke as a potential streamer against the Texans but remember, the Texans are a deceptive defense. Houston allowed just two quarterbacks to score over 20 points: Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts. Daniel Jones came close with a 18 point game in Week 10.

Terry McLaurin definitely benefits from Heinicke’s play, and you know the running game will get featured. However, the Texans have yet to allow a QB to score three touchdowns in a game, none on the ground and they’ve picked them off seven times. Heinicke comes in with an interception in each of his four starts. Because of the Texans’ record, they look like an easy target, but they are competitive and it’s because their pass defense and run game that keep the games close.