1. D’Onta Foreman, RB, Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens

Foreman has enjoyed favorable matchups in three of the last four weeks. That’s allowed him to go 118+ yards in those games and he’s scored four touchdowns. But the Panthers can’t play the Falcons again in the regular season, and sandwiched between those two games against Atlanta is a stinker against the Bengals, a real run defense.

The Baltimore Ravens were pushovers against the run too until they got a big piece to strengthen their second line of defense. Joining Patrick Queen is Roquan Smith and together they stopped Alvin Kamara in Week 9. By the end of the game, Foreman could have enough volume to make him worth the start, but the Panthers need to keep the game close for Foreman to get those touches. One must happen for the other to happen. Because of that uncertainty, if you have equal or better options to play, do so.