1. Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers

How to handle Tua this week? This is a burning question that comes down to what options do you have. If Tua is it, roll with it. If you have other options, consider benching him for a week. Here’s the deal, he’s either finished a top five quarterback (Weeks 2, 8-10) or he’s finished as the QB15 or worst (Weeks 1, 3-4, 12) He’s finished in between once (Week 7 vs. PIT) as the QB11, and so more often, he’s playing like a fantasy QB1.

Unfortunately, Tagovailoa is facing one of the toughest matchups for a quarterback. The Niners have allowed four quarterbacks to score multiple times against them: Justin Fields in a biblical rain storm, then in Weeks 6-8 faced a variety of QB types in Marcus Mariota, Patrick Mahomes, and Matthew Stafford, who between the three of them scored eight touchdowns on the 49ers including a rushing score by Mariota and Stafford. Since then, the Niners have gotten healthier and tougher on defense. They’re lead the league in average yards allowed, a minuscule 281.7 yards.

Which brings us to Tagovailoa, who we’ve seen light up the scoreboard. But this is probably the best defense he’s seen alongside the Bills. Assuming he makes it all the way through this game; we’ll see just how good he can be.