3. Evan Engram, TE, Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Dallas Cowboys

I can be a real drag some times and I’m about to bring the party down on Engram owners who are high as a kite after he had a massive week in fantasy. He caught 11-of-15 targets for 162 yards and two touchdowns. That’s incredible ad we’ve always thought he’s capable of that kind of performance, but he’s just been never one to understand he could do that each week. That said, he rarely rises to the occasion and thrives when the matchup is ideal. For as good as Engram has been the last two weeks, the Lions and Titans are two of the most TE-friendly matchups one can have. We wouldn’t put the Cowboys in that conversation though. Dallas has yet to allow a single tight end to score more than 8.0 fantasy points all season long. We doubt they’ll let Engram be the first.