9. Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills

To avoid being a prisoner of the moment, let’s build a case for why Tagovailoa will have big fantasy numbers in Week 3. Will it be seven-touchdowns-big? We doubt it, but we all know that the Bills are going to try and run up the score.

The Dolphins must match the Bills score for score, or pile onto a lead if they get one. The pressure to score touchdowns will be great, so even though no reasonable person should expect Tagovailoa to score six-to-seven touchdowns again, every one they can score will matter. Game script is key.

Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle together will try to turn the game into a track meet. Not many secondaries will have enough to cover the both of them. It’s true, the Bills are leading the league with six picks and are second with 9.0 sacks, but they are down Tredavious White (PUP list/ACL) with both Micah Hyde and Dane Jackson sustaining neck injuries.

The Dolphins are playing at home and remember, they’re coached by Mike McDaniel, and play much differently than we’re accustomed to seeing. Last week’s offensive explosion was something we’ve never seen Miami do before, so we’re all looking to see if it can happen again, and against a team like Buffalo.