2. Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears

The Bears defense does their best to keep the score close. Eventually the opposing offense breaks through, but they’ve got to work real hard to get any traction. One quarterback has thrown more than one touchdown against the Bears. That was Aaron Rodgers back in Week 2 and that was because, well, he owns the Bears, haven’t you heard?

In his first game back from thumb surgery, Dak Prescott didn’t embarrass himself. It was the Lions after all. And so Prescott wasn’t needed to win the game single-handedly.

Now, it would help if Prescott had his legs to lean on. That’s how Daniel Jones was able to get his 68 yards and two touchdowns. The following week Kirk Cousins ran and threw a touchdown. But Prescott, with a surgically repaired ankle, is not doing much running. Besides he has two running backs that he can hand the ball off to that can do that kind of damage. He’s still getting his sea legs underneath him so this will be a gritty ugly kind of game script, one in which Prescott’s arm is not featured.