7. Darnell Mooney, WR, Chicago Bears vs. Miami Dolphins

Typically the more talent you get, the better everyone plays. On paper, Mooney should benefit greatly in having Chase Claypool on the field. The thought is that Claypool can help keep defenses honest and reduce the crowds that Mooney is having to fight through as the only receiving threat Chicago had. Except the Bears have to be willing to throw more with Claypool.

If the Bears keep up with the 65-35 run-to-pass split, then Mooney and Claypool are just going to devour each other’s targets. The best Mooney has been all season is WR23 back in Week 4. Claypool should improve this passing game but until we see a consistent commitment towards more balance, we can’t endorse Mooney, especially in tough matchups like the Dolphins.