Welcome to Week 12 of the 2023 fantasy football season, Bruno Boys Nation! For those not familiar with the term, “streaming” in fantasy, it’s a strategy wherein players are added and dropped from a roster on a weekly basis. You’re simply playing the best matchup. That player might be dropped the following week for a different player with a better matchup.

On rare occasions, we will spot a matchup where a marginal player could be elevated into a spot start at a key fantasy positions (QB, RB, WR).┬áIf you have any of the top tier defenses (San Francisco, Philadelphia, Cleveland…) and tight ends (Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, T.J. Hockenson, George Kittle…), absolutely start them. If not, then keep reading.

New York Giants Team Defense vs. New England Patriots

When you think of good teams in the 2023 season, the Giants don’t come to mind. They’ve earned it though because their offense is bad. But despite the regression, there are signs that not all is bad for Brian Daboll. The G-Men’s defense has at times performed very well. In Week 5 against the Dolphins, it appeared that they had the personnel to compete. And while fantasy-wise, they didn’t do much as far as fantasy scoring, but the Giants nearly pulled off a victory against the Bills because of their defensive play. Over the next five games, the Giants team defense and special teams have been a top five DST three times.

Now, in case you’ve been sleeping the last few months, the Patriots have been just plain awful. We’re talking bad execution by the offense, Mac Jones has not been playing like a starting QB, and the run game is non-existent. The vultures are circling and that makes the Patriots perfect fodder for a defensive stream.