Welcome to Week 3 of the 2023 fantasy football season, Bruno Boys Nation! For those not familiar with the term, “streaming” in fantasy, it’s a strategy wherein players are added and dropped from a roster on a weekly basis. You’re simply playing the best matchup. That player might be dropped the following week for a different player with a better matchup.

This typically applies to mostly tight ends, kickers and team defenses. Why? Because those positions have a steep drop off after the first tier and then a bunch of players who wind up scoring the same amount of fantasy points. For example, very little separates the 11th-ranked tight end with the 20th in a standard scoring system. So you’re looking for which one might score a touchdown and separate from the pack.

On rare occasions, we will spot a matchup where a marginal player could be elevated into a spot start at a key fantasy positions (QB, RB, WR). If you have any of the top tier defenses and tight ends, start them. If not then read on.

Seattle Seahawks Team Defense vs. Carolina Panthers

Bryce Young is out this week with an ankle injury, which means Andy Dalton steps in as the starting QB. We all know what that could mean, interceptions. Seattle’s defense were sucker punched by a bunch of unknown upstarts in the Rams, but they did come back more focused to make some big plays against the Lions. We seem them carrying that momentum into Week 3 where they can take advantage of a Panthers team that’s still trying to get its offense clicking.