With the new NFL season fast approaching, fantasy football enthusiasts are gearing up for a period that should churn out just about every emotion a human being is capable of having every single game day.

Having the best players on your fantasy team is obviously always optimal but, sadly, that’s hardly ever the case as one simply can’t tell just how good or bad a player will be heading into every season. While there are constants such as Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, there are players who should be a lot better yet manage to disappoint.

The list below looks at six quarterbacks who could end up being fantasy busts although they could influence NFL lines in a very positive way. You could find them all right below.

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens star is developing a reputation as a player who goes cold in the playoffs, having done so for the last two seasons. His form took a dip last term, following an MVP-type campaign in 2019 but he did miss games, having spent time on the COVID-19 list. He’s still not sold on vaccination despite contracting the virus twice, however. 

Jackson was QB10 last season but is going around QB4 in drafts this year, even ahead of the likes of Josh Allen and Kyler Murray. While his running ability does give him an advantage, his passing numbers aren’t that great for fantasy affairs given Baltimore’s penchant for rushing plays. 

He would have been more attractive had he slipped closer to where he finished in last year’s drafts. And, while there’s always the possibility of him being great this year, refer to that line regarding passing numbers.

Jalen Hurts, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts does seem like a top fantasy QB. After all, he finished last season in top form as a dual-threat starter, having replaced Carson Wentz. However, the Philadelphia Eagles will employ a run-heavy offense under Nick Sirianni in the upcoming term. 

Much like the city’s basketball team leaned towards the phrase “The Process,” the Eagles are going through their own given they’re set to field inexperienced wide receivers. The team will have the likes of Jalen Reagor and DeVonta Smith primed to receive Hurtz’s passes but it’s going to be a learning process.

While he’s considered a nailed-on cert as a starter, he’s still on the edge of QB1/2.

Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence does seem a very attractive prospect for a fantasy football team. He was the No.1 pick in the NFL Draft for a reason yet taking him as a QB1 is still pretty high. There’s everything in Jacksonville to make Lawrence’s first season work – not just that, the setup is pretty much built for him to star. However, it’s still expected that the Jaguars will focus more on the running game.

Of course, the team will want to put him in the best position to succeed but they would be better off having balance after being the team to make more throws than any other at 64.6 percent last season.

Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons weren’t that far off from the Jacksonville Jaguars last season when it came to throwing the ball; they passed 60.6 percent of the time. They’re heading into the season under the tutelage of a new coach in Arthur Smith, who called running plays 51.8 percent of the time for the Tennessee Titans last season. That’s probably enough to steer fantasy players away from Matt Ryan but there’s also the fact that Smith utilized 12 more players than any other coach in the league, just two wide receivers at that.

That did result in major production for Ryan Tannehill, but he’s going to be passing to Julio Jones next term. Ryan will have Calvin Ridley and rookie tight end Kyle Pitts to pass to and that could be quite the show yet he’s overly dependent on the pass and doesn’t have his own running game.

The QB has also shown he’s a slow burner in a new offense. He ended as a QB12 last season but does seem like one of the overrated passers ahead of 2021/22.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben needed quite a lot of volume to get to QB12 last year and it’s very unlikely he will be getting 600 attempts again in the coming season. The Pittsburgh Steelers will try to play to rookie Najee Harris’s strengths and focus on the running game with respect for defenses.

The team is stacked at WR but likely won’t pass the 63.8 percent mark given the aging quarterback’s throwing limitations. 

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Miami Dolphins

Any questions over whether Tua will be the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins have been shown the door as Ryan Fitzpatrick is gone. The coming season could be considered another rookie campaign for the player as he will be trying to learn another offensive system. 

The offensive coordinators are planning to allow Tua to play his game as a downfield passer but he will need time to be able to play to the expected standards, especially given that he’s adjusting to changes at WR, with Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle set to play alongside.

The Dolphins will still win games because of their running and defense, however, Tua is unlikely to star from a fantasy perspective.