Selecting which of your players to start in the right weeks will help you achieve success in the season. The Bruno Boys are here to help you with those crucial decisions, consider the tough matchups and warn you when your studs are facing defensive assignments that should temper your expectations. 

It’s playoff season now and we’re going to look to minimize the risk in our recommendations, while looking for big point potential, but still, staying in that range of the tougher decisions. Here are your Week 16 Fantasy Football Tight Ends to Sit.

George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers

This one might be hard to stomach for Kittle owners but there’s a good chance he’s going to fall short of expectations. The Bears have not given up a touchdown to the tight ends since Week 8 and only two have reached 40 yards receiving in that same stretch. We understand that benching Kittle would be difficult, it’s insane even, because seriously, what are your chances at finding anyone who could come close to his potential each week, when he has nearly 1,200 yards? But we are just cautioning his owners that the Bears have been playing very good defense and target him as a priority to contain. You live and die with your studs, hopefully though you have other players who have potential who can make up for however Kittle falls short.